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Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. US
  • Genres: Pachuco Boogie
  • Members: Catherine Garcia,Andrea Martinez,Jorge Zamora,Luis Gutierrez,Alejandro Vargas,Gilbert Rodrigues,Takao Inoue,Uncle Ernie Vargas,H


Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes started around 2003. Our members are from diversed bands. Alex Vargas as our bass player(Vargas Brothers,Lonely Blue Boys,formerly The Country Cats) Gilbert Rodriguez as our lead guitar player(Los Rhythm Rockets,Trio Renacimiento) Catherine Garcia as our percusionist & Dancer (Model Rockin Kitty). George Zamora as our drummer(formerly with The Country Cats,Lonely Blue Boys) Takao Inue as our saxophone player(Lil' Gizelle,Lonely Blue Boys,Lil' Mo and The Dynaflos,Los Rhythm Rockets) Luis Angel Gutierrez (Alex Vargas brother)and myself Pachuco Jose (also with Pachuco Joses Trio,Jubilee Train).

Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes have played our hearts out, from backyard parties,to clubs, weddings, bars, carnivals and some of us have even played at funerals and even a few jails. Our purpose is to bring out a smiling face in our fans, and even some joy and a few laughs whether it be in the music or the dancing on stage......

Very Very Special thanks to Uncle Ernie of Lonely Blue Boys who would have Pachuco Jose as a guest singer here and there as well as Los Rythm Rockets, These 2 bands backed me up before Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes was formed. But most of All, Thanks To The AllMighty God and King of Kings and His Holy Spirit who gives us the ability to share our talents and who have been an inspiration in the lowest moments of our lives.......

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