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Lorraine Renee

Full Name: Lorraine Torres

Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

Hometown: The South, USA

Age: 31

Birth Day: December 19

Height: 5' 0"

Measurements: 34-27-35

Category: Alternative Model, Pinup

About me

This is what happens when vintage & glamour meets tomboy at heart. Im just your average Vintage / Alternative Modelin', Upholstered Vinyl n Leather Sewin, Kustom Kulture lovin, Vintage Finds seekin, Hot Rod dreamin, Southern livin, Thrifting/Flea Market pickin, Rockabilly and Western Swing listenin, Beef Jerky eatin, sitting in a Honky-tonk with a cold beer kinda of a gal ... My pinup days are just a reminder that yes I am a woman, but usually you can find me knee deep in gettin' dirty! I work with my hands ... ahem ... at Upholstery work that is. I picked up the trade within the last two years and Im currently working on starting my own Automotive/Marine Upholstery buisness.

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