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Miss Betsy Rose

Full Name: Betsy Rose

Location: London, England

Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Age: 23

Birth Day: March 29

Height: 5' 7"

Measurements: 32-24-34

Category: Alternative Model, Pinup, Burlesque, Actress, Singer

About me

Miss Betsy Rose exploded onto Londons Burlesque scene after a successful dance career with credits spanning across the globe. Now an International Burlesque siren in her own right and one of London's most prestigious headline acts, she dazzels audiences far and wide with her elegant, classic and sultry routines. Completely devoted to the original spirit of Burlesque, this vintage vixen lives and breathes the entire life style. Adopting the air and grace of Marlene Dietrich, the shimmy and shake of Gypsy Rose Lee and the exquisite technique of Cyd Charrise. Miss Rose is reminiscent of a latter day Pin up girl and a true Hollywood Glamour darling; with porcelain white skin, black velvet locks and a stunning 32-24-34 figure just oozing sex appeal. Not just a classic beauty, this Prima Ballerina of Burlesque is a trained dancer skilled in a variety of techniques. This enabling her to apply skill and experience into each Burlesque adventure she endeavours upon. Ensuring she delivers only the highest standards to her spellbound spectators. Miss Betsy Rose has teased no less than...The British Royal Family, Givenchy, Members of the Italian Mafia and the cream of the Grand Prix elite. Betsy has also featured in Music videos, TV commercials, Film premieres and danced her way onto the big screen in feature length films.

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