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Josi Kat

Full Name: Josi Kat

Location: Los Angeles, CA. US

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. US

Age: 101

Birth Day: May 22

Height: 5' 3"

Category: Alternative Model, Pinup, Public Fuigure, Actress, Singer

About me

I was born in Los Angeles to an entertainment family, my grandparents owned the historic Hollywood Professional School, famous for it's legendary attendees such as Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Ryan O'Neal, Val Kilmer, Melanie Griffith, Annette Funicello. I was winning pageant trophies at a very young age, until I decided to be a tomboy. I was often on the road with my musician parents, then later spent time in the family’s recording studio singing to the Beatles. Im a singer for a punk band PISS ANT, known for dishing out plenty of attitude, bad girl strut and sassy lyrics. As the founder of THE FEARLEADERS, the cheerleading squad to the LA Derby Dolls Roller Derby Team, I was able to pull together my love of dance, singing and performing to sold out audiences. With a degree in marketing, I've used creative thinking to land my band onto National TV, in hundreds of magazines and as a pin-€“up in many calendars (Motorgirl, Nightmare on Elm Street Glove, ect). As one of Playboy TV's favorite guests, the appearances led the band to star on Porn To Rock (VH1). Other recent appearances include LA INK (TLC), Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E), Parental Control (MTV), Live on Spike (Spike TV), Pranking band members on Handler’s Girls Behaving Badly (Oxygen), Sid and Nancy Movie, Diet Coke & iTunes commercials, and multiple Troma Films. Embracing all opportunities, Piss Ant also performed n Q live (the Queer TV network) and then to sold out shows as the Christian band at "Hollywood Hell House†from the writers of Comedy Central, featuring Dave Thomas, Andy Richter, Bill Maher and Penn Jillette. You'll spot me in several music videos including Marilyn Manson, The Posies, and Dave Alvin and Billy Blanks'€™ Tae Bo Boot Camp. For all of you comic book nerds, don't miss me as the upcoming villain "Anita Capers" in the pages of Nightmare Girl Comics. My new obsession is producing my own gorilla style grindhouse music videos under my production company Fearleaders Productions.............I love all things horror and gore!

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