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About us

DevillanBlackLabel.com is a online/print publication developed to explore and energize talent.   Think of it as a “Rock n Roll Vaudeville Entertainment Blender” that will pour out an array of interesting bands, acts, performers, entertainers, and artists. Included you find Sexy Starlets, Rockers, Fashion Fucks, Drag Racers, Zombies, Hot Rod & Bike builders, Steampunks, Circus Monkeys and Freakshow artists, Monsters, Drunks, Hit Makers and Latte shakers. Pretty much all of us Broke Ass Artists, Uptown Gurus, Downtown Hasbeens, Hipsters, and Hooligans.

DevillanBlackLabel.com will be showcasing the best of the underbelly of the beast, the city of Los Angeles, along with surrounding areas looking to mimic the monster-city.  Digging out talent from all those dingy corners in the city of the lost angels.

DevillanBlackLabel.com is all about empowering the odd, the beauty and the brains that brings together a unique kind of lifestyle. A combination of many out of the norm individuals, those whom you can find down the street from your house at the nearest bookstore, coffee shop or laundry-mat!

We are Ready to ride with the Misfits!

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