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Pomade 101

The origin of pomade predates back to the late 1920s in a chemical laboratory in Birmingham, Italy. It was the birth of accentuated hair dressing, and was a turning point in fashion history where it was clear that self presentation was of importance, despite economical post war hardships.

  • The Best 5 Giant Monster Movies!

    Hey film freaks and movie geeks welcome to my page, They came...FROM BEYOND!! My name is Tony Lee, I co-owned a small specialty video store in East L.A. called From Beyond. With video stores going extinct these days, and other life’s obstacles dodging their way in front of us, we decided to close the book on the store last year. read more>>

  • The History of Car Culture

    In the early 1900s, automobiles had made it to the forefront of American culture. However, due to their high pricing, the automobile remained a commodity for almost half a century. It was thus, only attainable by individuals in high class socialite arenas or people with high income; political officers, actors, entertainers... the best of the best. Everyone but, middle class Average Joe's. read more>>

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